O’no Not Another Blog

Welcome to my blog. I’ve got nothing really to say about anything but I still do so if you are brave enough to read on well good luck and I’ll see you on the other side.

Saying that if you have read this much you must have too much time on your hands. Right now I am contemplating the meaning of everything and trying to convert that into a new blog. I am trying to separate my actual science from my random acts of ranting the best I can. I hate to say all the views on here are my own because at some point I fear I will get sued and end up selling my internal organs to pay the costs. This blog is really, really, really to be taken in as light a hearted way as possible.  The words “this is a joke” and “this is a joke” should constantly be running through your mind as you read my posts. I know I repeated myself it was an important point.

OK I’ve warned you now if you carry on reading and go blind, get pregnant or solve all the worlds problems it is not my fault because I warned you OK.

O’ and if you are thinking does he actually write about proper science about proper papers and stuff well the answer is yes but that is a whole other blog somewhere else.

You only spend so many years on this world so you might as well fill them with interesting challenges