There is one negative this time with my stay at BLGH and it is in my room, one teeny, tiny thing but I felt I must post about it.

My bathroom is brilliant it is so big I need GPS to get from my toilet to my sink and I catch a small bus to make it back out into my room. But with that said I find my shower is somewhat of a comical affair.

My bathroom is for want of a better term a “special needs” bathroom with by definition requires a special needs shower. I understand the concept. I understand why there is a small bathlike thing, a small step and a fold down seat but I do not understand why there is only one shower head wall mount not two? I am not six years old, I am not less than four feet told so if I use the shower mounted to the wall as it is I can wash very successfully from my waste or belly button down. Why not one high one less high it makes more sense. I can currently choose to shower with one hand shampooing my head the other holding the shower head or I can kneel down or bend over double. Not ideal. A small plastic hook separates me from a happy showering experience.

One thing though is the shower head has a on off switch on it. This is brilliant as once the water temperature is set the last thing you want to do is turn it on and off whilst balancing the shower head in your mouth and attempting to not get shampoo into your eyes whilst rinsing.