The problem with doing shift work is no one else is doing shift work. This makes for an awkward balance. I go to bed to at 16:00 and get up at 00:00 whilst my neighbours are busying bashing this shit out of the wall directly next to my head. I’m sure it is a great game and really they are only cooking some dinner but for fucks sake (sorry but I was tired).

8 hours on 8 hours off, 8 hours on, 8 hours off even typing it seems dull and boring. And do you know what it bloody well is. It is hard work. You are working on a rolling shift, your morning drifts into your night your day into morning and it all gets jumbled up. You find yourself going to bed at 16:00 and getting up and midnight and it is at times like these you thank your stars that your located less than 2 minutes away from the beamline in a big comfy bed. Thank God, that I am not trying to travel back and forth up the hill. Yes of course it makes perfect sense to drive whilst half a sleep on the wrong side of the road up and down a big hill. I think it is not at all a problem, crash! The next thing you know is that your talking to a goat also parked up a tree waiting for the fire rescue people to come save you both.

Ok so today was particularity bad I could not sleep, I got an hour and a half it was the best hour and a half ever and when I woke, woken by some unknown noise, at 18:40 after having gone to sleep at 16:30 I was optimistically thinking, hoping it was much much much later. So that was my first mistake to check my phone for right time and not delude myself it was 20:00. The second was to tweet that I could not sleep as then when I did finally start to doze off to lala land again, bong-vibrate, bong-vibrate as I received 30 odd tweets and DM some with bright ideas of how to get to sleep. Cheers!

So in short, yes I know why I need to work shifts, yes working 16 hours in every 24 solid makes perfect sense (does it) and yes being up the hill not down is all great. But I think really I am more over the hill for this shit. Also why can I not make the rest of the world also work shifts with me then all would be fine?