How many times can a grown man headbutt his shower before the HSE get involved? And contradictory to popular belief putting stuff up your nose is not fun especially when it is moving at 4 litres per minute and or is a product of Panten. So why did no body think that a person over 4 ft may have some issues with a “special” shower. I did not see a man from Brussels with a hardhat or other protective head ware waiting at the reception so I know that Europe has not been alerted to this most epic of dangers.

Surely I should be able to have a shower safely without risk to forehead but I could not wash my hair or more correctly rinse it without risking my life. It does add a touch of danger to your day. To be fair my head still thinks it is Thursday as only my sternum and below has seen water. And that brings me on to another thing…….

Today I nearly forgot entirely about the conditioner in my hair and was half way across the bathroom before I remembered. Or was alerted to its presence by a stranger than usual barnit weighting.

In short I jump back into the shower which I had rapidly turned back on only to find I had been a little too eager with the dial and the water was a tad hotter than before. This caused minor boiling of my gentlemen vegetables so I jumped backout. Ok but then when the water was just right I headbutted the shower head again trying to rinse the hair conditioner out of my hair.

I have said it before in this very blog it is not intolerable by no means. It is clean has hot and cold temperature settings with actual matching water and a little seat. And unlike some showers it is a proper jet of water coming out not a trickle of insipid wetness.

I have heard tale of far worse things such as a certain professor showering at the Daresbury hostel noticing a strange thing on his communal (yes shared) shower curtain and floor only to discover after touching it it was someone else’s stomach carrots. This tale being the reason I do, and he should have, shower wearing my glasses when in communal venues.

Or I could recount how many bruised elbows and thinking about it foreheads I have got showering at Ridgeway house in the tiny shower cubicles which I always trap my fingers in the door of. Go figure doors that scissors but can do so from both ends but always on and only with your fingers in the middle.

So back to my current predicament - I can shower nealing down for my last two days, wash below the headline only, or of course be a bit more careful. But then what will I moan about - socks or something?