It has dawned on me that you may be getting slightly confused by what the fuck I am blogging about. As a reader of this blog (can I ask why are you reading this blog for fuck sake?) you may be thinking erm this seems out of context when was this actually written. We all know that David Cameron was killed by Nick Clegg in the famous battle for power at Number 10 whilst the green women danced about a bit (reference to early Startrek there for those who give a fuck). And yet here am I blogging about how I voted for liberal democrats to get Even Harris into power and he went and lost to some women or effeminate man? I would like to state for the record that I have and never will be a car.

I shall explain. Basically I always blog when I am in Berkeley. It is something to do with all the pot and weed which has soaked into the ground from all the hippies that have lived there for like forever. This then gets into the water which then gets into my cup of Pete’s coffee and the result whilst looking out of the coffee room over the stunning views of the bay and Berkeley - which when you actually get up close to is a shit hole -  makes me blog. The shear number of blogs, posts, rants whatever you may call them can not all be posted on one day. Some are but lots of notes under random titles others full blogs which are also full of phone altered widening.

So I hatched a plan, I would store up my blogs and release them using an automated scheduling thing. I would as needed go in and update modify and correct the condom (random) word changes, the lists of words into longer lists with fullstops. This however has brought me to a dilemma. For example some of this blog existed before I wrote the other bit. But I feel that I need consistency in character names and or places so I will where necessary go back and update things possibly. Or where I am too lazy leave as is. Not really a plan as such more an idea I guess if you could call it that?

Damn it I am bored of typing now.