Just a small note on the state of Top Gear and the BBC. Of course being a Clarksonist-MayHammondite kind of person I am sadden to see the BBC waste its compulsory tax on the people of the UK trying to stop the “Stig” say who he actually is. I already know and have known for a very long time. In fact when I was at school I knew the identity of the stig it was and wait for it:

The “stig of the dump”

Yes Mr of the dump even had his own TV show.

So now Stiggy, Stig Stig what have you done to deserve all this media kerfuffle? As far as I am aware the Beep is not allowed to advertise stuff. I see no Clarkson, May, Hammond books being branded about - actually I do not own a TV to do so and things may have changed since the last time I did. But when at my parents last I did not see adverts so I must assume all is the same. Therefore if this is still true how could the BBC advertise an employee’s (by proxy) product? I know by turning a nothing story into a massive news item and at the same time waste some more UK TV tax on the legal fees.

I do not care who the Stig actually is, what colour his helmet may be instead, I love the mad trips in cars, the making cars that fly into space, go on water, are to live in or become convertible. Not forgetting the making American people look stupid, crossing the Pole, crossing the Africa, crossing the Jungle and so on and so forth, etc. The Stig is to make the car go fast around the track, to make up funny things to say about before introducing him, to be forced to use public transport where ever possible in a challenge.

So do not announce that you have a “new Stig” - do not kill the current Stig or change his helmet colour to red. Just do as with the famous Red Dwarf character Ace Rimmer did - replace but do not let the world know the actual Ace Rimmer is was and will be just another Arnold Rimmer - a human who will at some point no doubt want to sell off a book deal and ruin it all again.

And really I know the Stig is, has been and always will be James May!