No this is not another comment about the size or scale of my man hood but just a general observation. When I am given my ice coffee thing in Costa - currently my coffee shop of choice - why do they do they put in to said icey or crushed icey drink a super thin straw?

It can not be to drink with as all I was able to do was suck on said straw - which is made of clear plastic - and watch my drink get 7/8th up said straw until I could feel the soothing, cooling coffee, chocolate drinkiness and then block.

This means I have two choice 1) I suck harder until the straw flies up into my mouth puncturing the top of my mouth and lodging into my brain - causing endoflifeness or 2) blow the drink back down the straw relocate the straw and try again.

The suck-blow-suck approach to drinking a ground ice coffee drink is something I am not too bad at doing but if I may put forward but one small tiny comment - GET WIDER BORE STRAWS and then we can let it go and move on with our associated lives.