On my way to work the other morning in my car and as usual listening to radio 4. I like radio 4 not for the music as there is none but I get to listen to people sounding angry then not and occasionally something exciting may happen. I tend to turn off for the religious moment as I have been known to swerve violently at hearing some of the utter crap that is presented - thought for the day - more like recycled annoying crap, a bit like this blog I guess.

So this particular morning, there was the normal bloke and women and the other bloke banging on about stuff and up pops the Middle East peace process. Ok normally good time to turn off and start counting street lights as fundamental-_being keyword_-ly useful as most of these peace processing middle east efforts seem to attract. When it was announced that team A and team B would be meeting.

But those backing team A state or homeland or whatever will not accept this as they were not there and team B did not like the fact that there elected negotiator person said “partners in peace”. If you had been in the car with me you would have assumed I had turrets.

"blah, bubble, war, death - we are correct" - Radio speaking "you stupid wankers"! - my response

Why was I yelling?

Well team A has lots of little erm groups and these groups could not get it together to be represented at the talks due to back-biting and in-fighting but now they have decided that they can all agree on killing more of team B and working together on that goal. What? Why no take the harder step of 1) now your talking to each other go around to team B and try and sort it all out. Or 2) stop fighting?

I honestly thought that for once we stood a chance of seeing peace in the middle east as the Jewish bankers and money men normally lobbying the president of the USA have all been bankrupted and or are now owned by the president or England so they have less weight. In fact can be ignored. This means that the tables are balanced a bit more and there is no unwritten rules on what can or can not be negotiated. But apparently not, apparently now this fist fight over land has turned into more religious shenanigans and as such it is like game over dude.

So this got me thinking about the top reasons for war (in no particular order):

  • Religion - he does what she is not allowed to on a Saturday, Sunday with or without a shoe, hat in a particular building or choice so they are wrong and must be deaded.

  • Land - their land is greener than, has more stuff in it, gets the sun in the morning than ours so we must have it

  • Money - hmm, this is the same as land? But must obviously include OIL

  • What my dad did not do - this is pretty specific but seems to have caused quite a lot of problems

So if we divide all the shit up equally, scrap money, remove boarder controls and allow for free transit and residence for all and abolish all religion then assuming that is done we put a ban on war perhaps we will finally see peace in the middle east. O’ and of course never elect another Bush, shrub or tree into the Whitehouse again.