I think that perhaps my venom is somewhat being exhausted by the knowledge that it will be used daily. Or at least it will appear daily. I normally have in any given moment many, many, many things annoying me. Most of which I can find the energy to whine about but very few seem to have the necessary energy to be brought to the electronic pages of this here blogginess.

Looking back over my blogging of late, I have noticed my general venom levels waning and more and more that my blog becoming more bog - short for toilet in my part of the country.

So I must now ponder deeply and await inspiration make better efforts or just post less but of better quality. Yes this does mean perhaps a daily blog but more than likely a weekly blog. What the fuck am I blogging about this for in the first place. For fuck sake man stop blogging and go and read the book over there. You know the one you went to the mad library to get. Or better still GO out side and breath in some fresh air - take a walk. Interact with your fiancée! Push one of the annoying little bastards who insist in jumping off the bridge outside your apartment into the water!

Why not go and interact with the motherfucking real world rather than sit here posting to a arsing blog which you have purposely made not very easy to find?

For the love of all things not related to blogging bloody stop it, stop typing, you are still typing - stop it!