I am totally sold on the research grant I am working on. I want the world to know about the science we are doing. But it is difficult. So far I have only been allowed to attend one conference and that at very short notice and so far I have footed the cost of it myself and could not present anything.

How else to we interact with others from science or more importantly at this point in time with the public - especially when our university websites are somewhat crap.

So I thought we need a project website.

I went off bought a domain, parked it on my site and started populating it. Knowing full well that when my bosses, yes two - like my two dads but less fun - find out I will probably get the sack, get shouted at or generally told to stop it now or perhaps all three in a different order?

On this new website I want to tell the public about all the great stuff we are doing, I want to talk about the nice kit we have, the excellent team of scientist working on these monumental problems which effect every single person on the planet today. But I can already here the conversations about this in my head! I’m even thinking about setting up a blog so I can provide a weekly update to the world! Yes I will not swear so much on that blog.

So, I own the domain, I host the site and now I populate it in my own time to make sure that when those conversations do happen in no way can I be accused of at least wasting their time and their money. And perhaps some one in the general public will read it and see that people are doing truly creative science which at some level is trying to help deal with big problems and that Jo-public can also rest assured that their and my tax has not gone into such as trivial thing as a website to help communicate to them what their tax has actually being used for!