Can you believe it? No I can not believe it but yes I am blogging again.

Now you could be wondering why, I am not at the ALS and therefore not really allowed to start up blogging and well you would be right, correct even, in thinking and say that out loud to your fellow office mates and or cat. But what you may not realise is that as per my normal blogtastic blogging I am going down the pan again. So I need to find a center a release a focus point to synchronise my chi balance my karma and well like sort myself out.

Now of course you are already so clearly aware of my Melancholy nature - come on you should be read the fucking blog title Melancholy Scientist - although I think it should now read Melancholy pet monkey or probably worse. (Yes I am aware you do NOT need to spell, type or display the word melancholy with a capital M - I just did so that I could write this line here to annoy you).

So I am finding myself in fits of tears driving to and from work, for no good reason? This can not be right can it? I am finding it harder and harder to get out of bed in a morning and the fact that I am sat in X-ray a lot now I have noticed that I have a constant buzzing sound in my ears no matter where I am. So This is all a bit rubbish isn’t it? I think so. So let me try and resolve some of my issues by venting my melancholy my anger and with that I know the world will be better (in with the good air out with the bad).

So today I am starting out light. I am waiting for my data to convert from RUCKING (yes RUCKING) annoying Figaku (YES Figaku) format to “ANOTHER” brand so that I can process it and whilst I wait I want to talk to the world and release my hatred about FaceBOOK.

FaceBOOK - I hate you! I really really do. I hate that now all the website I go to have a FaceBOOK login option. To be honest they may not be aware but when I find said option I STOP USING THEIR FUCKING WEBSITE - why? BECAUSE I AM GOOGLE, yes me, my brain is the core of GOOGLE and it runs all the internet and such stuff and things of that nature. AND FaceBOOK is NOT Google and therefore WRONG and anything that is associated with WRONG is by definition wrong as TWO WRONGs do not MAKE a right. But if it was two lefts does that make a right - I hear you scream at the computer or poke it with your mouse and or wall? NO unless the left exceeds an angle of greater than 90 and less than 180 degrees two lefts do not make a right (actually they do work it out you muppet).

The end!