It is an odd concept to me - this concept of “Lunch Time”. I say odd in that I’ve never really been able to get any confirmation from any major scientific works as to when this time actually happens. For example, 18:00 is pretty much a time which I can confirm in writing from numerous sources, get it peer reviewed and well frankly all will be happy to know that when the time of 18:00 is specified I know and you know when that is. Unless you have a windup, wind power, eco-clock and in that case it is 6 o’clock PM.

So I was going to complain about the fact that “lunch time” really was only happening to me when I was eating lunch and has I do not very often eat lunch, due to my inability to remember it and or prepare said thing for eating the night before. Am I missing out on some “free time” time which perhaps if I do use I can perhaps do something useful with like cure cancer, sort the worlds energy problems or blog. So now you see the heart of my argument. Can I use this concept of “lunch time” and change, it mould it, into the concept of “blog time”. I suspect it to be rather doubtful, in fact I am resign to the fact that I will no doubt lapse this new concept just as quickly as my eighties pink dayglow socks.

But whilst I am thinking about it and therefore currently in the process of doing it well I might as well have a little vent.

So why are clocks like humans? Why do they have faces? Have hands and they insist on telling us the time rather then us reading the time from them. I hadn’t thought about it until I realised that in converting time from 18:00 to eco-o’clock that the process changes numbers in to faces and hands and dials. A process which I often find very very dull indeed. In fact so dull I’ve managed to bore myself into not continuing with this line of ranting as I find it annoying.

Now then, this is interesting, three paragraphs in and I seem to have found out that 1) in my head I am typing in the voice style of Stephen Fry and 2) I am not really bothered about what I am typing as long as the Stephen Fry voice emits the said sound waves in a most conducive manner.

This dear reader leaves us with a problem, as Fry is in many ways a better read than a Clarkson, in no doubt often the humour is more highbrow and intellectual but it is also often less punchy more warm and snuggly like listening to honey run down oak. This again is a problem as the broken and discontinuous nature of this blog finds that it is very difficult to be assigned to a single core readership. Where I may find posts about a certain beamline and guest house, self-serving in that they allow a certain example of my travels said readers who are excited by those things will now be turning green when reading the current muck that I am typing here, and you with your eyes are reading in.

So do I need new tags, new categorises to help the wondering reader understand the style in which a said piece is being written? Humbug. No I just felt like writing that there, there is a balderdash in here too or should that be also?

And with this the concept of lunch time put to bed (really I think not Fry) we must call it adieu and farewell until the next time. (Play nice theme tune in your head).