So the strangest thing happened today. Sat watching TV in a language I did not understand suddenly the TV turned off. Arrgh I guess need to pay the bill. Nope the apartment complex construction workers had cut the power  followed shortly by the water and then dumped a couple of tons of earth into the road to block that also. Is this France I thought but no it is the other great socialist state of China. I walked to the main gate with my fiancée to find out what all the fuss was about and exactly why I was not allowed to charge the many electrical gadgets I have with me. The workers apparently have not been paid for work involving the hotel which is part of the apartment complex. This means that they are protesting by not working and annoying me about it. Rather annoyingly if you ask me. Now what happened to the China of old who would come and take them all away in a black van and disappear their children and wives also? There was even police watching all of this. Eventually after an unrelated trip to the local botanical gardens we came back to power and water not to mention more protesting workers.

This has left me wondering what happened to the China I use to love to come and visit the one with rules which everyone had to follow. Now it is a free for all melai with everyone out for themselves and what they can get,  how much of it and as long as they are first at it then even better. The problem with this is it is too much like capitalism and the west and that well is crap. Capitalism allows the people who work a handful of banks to make it so scientists can invest 20 years in research and study to end up being road sweepers or painter decorators. Whilst the preforementioned wankers (no typpo) can enjoy more money in their annual pension that said scientists would earn in probably five years.

So in short it is all fucked up, China has become France, the French are still the French and the UK is now a third world country which owns all of the banks debt but which somehow means that the banks now run the country. To top that off I’m pretty certain America will invade anyone who challenges there job of being the worlds largest cocks and well there you have it I’ll have to go and live in Japan o’no earthquake nuclear power plant failure and tsunami may have just about ruined that last idillic hide away.