You know I am pretty much convinced that at some point not too long ago I accidently ticked a box on a webpage that said “if you want things but not exactly how you want tick here” or “untick to get things exactly how you want” which I of course forgot to untick. You, may at this point be wondering what the hell I am on about and if I had fallen on my head, again. The answer is I have not and what has annoyed me now - everything. I am annoyed I spent a month learning Chinese for 3 hours a day only to get to China and everyone speak a local dialect instead of Madarin. I am annoyed that my pad, phone and erm phone run Android which is brilliant but not just like erm perfect. The fact that googleebooks is rubbish but I really, really want it to be good. That the world does not have free wifi, that the wifi that is there is expensive and intermittent. The fact that my O2 contract means that the free wifi I have with it has to date never ever actually fucking worked and now I have an O2 polluted phone OS again how long before I will get an official firmware update and should I just remove it and root my phone. You must really now be thinking what the hell. But I will explain further. I got a new Samsung Galaxy SII which has in theory more processing power and memory than my first PC. However for some unknown reason Samsung who I must point out also make phones for Google in the form of various Nexsus or Nexsi or whatever have managed to turned this great thing into some mutant with a rubbish themeing job and old desktop system. Why for fuck sake would you not allow the user to sort the icons of their apps by alphabetical order? I don’t know but Samsung must? Why alter the desktop model of home being in the middle and all the other desktops being to the left and right of it? Ask Samsung as now I have a fucking 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 for some reason as apparently I can not figure out how to change desktops without the numbers. No I can ffs Samsung please stop fucking with Google’s stuff. So right now with no internet access I am sat typing on my epad from ASUS thinking do I root my brand new phone and put Cyanogenmod on it, even can I do that is there even a mod for it? How can one company fuck something so good up? And I have to emphasise that I have an Asus pad because I would have a Samsung but for two reasons one, Samsung will most likely put some shitty modified version of Android on the phone and two that modefied version will be to make it more iPhone like so Apple will come around to my house and sue me, my children and my children’s children.