I find it odd that I am here again blogging about a Google product. This time not egooglebooks but evideomoviegoogle. What is perhaps worse is that it has been a good couple of weeks since my egooglemoviefilm failure and so my anger and venom has melted away into anger at Blinkbox and the world at large.

My problem with the world of on demand is that 1) I can not buy, 2) I can not get TV and 3) when I do rent the player is crap. In fact I was thinking about this a lot and I’m pretty certain the player was written to be as useless as humanly possible so that it did not make googletuneslisten and googleebookreader look bad. It does not make them look good but a turd in a sewar does not look out of place now does it.

So what are my choices? Well I am glad you asked so I will list them for you along with a pithy remark as to why they ares shit:

LoveFilm Well you may love film but apparently you hate Linux and Android other than that and of course I have nothing then to use to watch things from love film well there you go pointless.

Netflix Erm its like all up in facebooks login crap. Anything that feels it needs to make Facebook login more dominant than its own and does not offer a Google login or other login just makes me angry and on principle I will not use that service. Unless of course it is Facebook then well I hate it so I won’t use that either.

film4 on demand Hmmm, well if you own a windows PC running windows then you are OK with silver light then you can use this service. Anything else nope. So that will be a no then.

Blinkbox That use to be my website of choice until it 1) got bought by Tesco and that is bad due to the chickens and the fish and the pigs (Hugh and Jamie told me) and 2) it now seems to carry less and less content for Linux users. But do you see that I said Linux users because it does work most of the time for Linux users which is great until you buy TopGear season final episode in India and well it just does it work. O yes did I mention their a 24 hour web retail com,poany that has 09:00 to 17:00 weekday customer support hours. Odd I think especially since even Tesco stores are open longer than that. Perhaps bored till staff can fix Blinkbox customer issues between the 01:00 and 05:00 busy hour?

Android Googleemoviefilm Just too angry to list the long list of faults including the worse video/movie player ever written ever.

So where does that leave me? Well still using Blinkbox ans emovielovefilmgooglevideo of course because no one can be bothered to do anything properly for everyone (except Olex2, that is).

And with that as the snow fails in the suddenly black sky outside my window I think how much life is rubbish because at one point in our past we let one company become too big too strong and now we are too lazy to do anything about it and wonder how long before Google will be that company of the future and how long before the things they make will be good and for Android and Linux only. The answer is never….Why? Well you see you for get that once you get to the front then all you need to do is start fucking everyone over by suing for pattent infringement and you can complete kill off drain and exhaust your competition. I say this knowing full well that today apple won a pattent case for sliding your fimger over a thing to open another thing. Pretty certain that erm 1) the finger was not an apple invention although they may have the new baby lord Jesus in the form of the past Steve jobs they are not God nor does technically that matter thanks to evolution. 2) I remember using my finger to open many things including laptop and phone cases by sliding it across a surface in a direction. True there was a switch there but you know is that new or reapplying the same thing?

So my plan for today is to invent a time machine go back in time and pattent everything and then the next time anyone sues someone else over their pattent I will dig out my 200 year old pattent and show their was not the first, that they can not have any more mokeny and they should just stop being like that and just sort the shit out like the fact that their workers keep committing suicide due to the working environment.