So of late I have become exceeding adicted to all things ginger. I listen to Chris Evens on Radio 2 in the morning, I drink ginger beer and now I’ve discoverd the many, many different kinds of alcoholic ginger beer I am making my way through them as well.

However this has lead me to a danger that up until now I have been able to avoid - that danger is the evil phelm which is ROOT BEER. Now what the fuck is ROOT BEER?

So when I was a kid root beer was the horrible chemical smelling, medicine tasting drink I got my mum to buy me when we went on our first ever trip to McDonalds. This is the McDonalds in Halifax just around the corner from the Princess hotel. Root beer sounded an amazing American treat. It was not! It definitely was not some mystical drink I had been waiting for all my life.

Well you would say that you are English and therefore eat only roast beef and drink only tea!

Well NO you are wrong. I eat and drink many, many different things. Right now for instance I am drinking a cup-a-soup. Which you may be surprised to know had no croutons in it so I mashed up some multi-grain Ryvita and added that to it. It is a rare pleasurable treat I tell you. And to add to that the thing that the root beer caused me so much distress was because I love sarsaparilla, I can’t get enough of dandelion and burdock. So root beer should have been an acceptable drink? Anyhow, which ever God or perhaps more correctly devil brought forth the evil which is root beer had never tasted the delights of the above two drinks. This brings me onto a different point. When I was also a kid, and actually a grown up, there use to be a program on TV called MASH. On that most witty of TV drama/comedies there was a character called Radar. He was called Radar because he knew when the choppers were flying in with wounded people on them before anyone else! Anyhow, where the likes of Alan Allda, (Alda, Aldi?) would have either a beverage from their stil or from the bar place. Radar would always order a “Grape Knee High”  and actually should read as “grape Nehi” and was an actual bloody drink - (thank you google). I thought that point was going somewhere - but it wasn’t.

So this root beer stuff, why is it now a danger?

Arrh, you see when I buy all these different ginger beers from Booths well I tend to look for odd looking bottles and the world something beer. This means that I have accidently bought an Indian Pale Ale Ginger beer (it was horrible) and then a root beer. This would never had happened before because I would spend enough time reading the label. BUT now the addiction of ginger forces me to just shove the bottle in the basket and then discover when home, much, much later what horrible thing I have bought.

I guess in short: Always read the label? In the long well I’ve not really been very ranty of late and didn’t really have anything worth, erm ranting about?