Ok showered shaven (badly) and now sat looking at the breath taking view of the bay from the coffee area. Whilst enjoying a coffee in my university of California Berkeley mug - save the planet, reuse, recycle. Now the sweepstakes begins which one of my compadres will arrive first, will i fall asleep before they do, or have they all got up already and gone for breakfast.  To be honest at this point i  do not know or care. I’m still using my pad to write this and well google and i have a different interpretation of quick typing. Or perhaps this should be laid at the door of Asus, who knows. So it is super busy here today lots and lots of people moving about something exciting looks to be happening outside and i am apparently in an uncharacteristically cheerful mood.

The mood appears to relate to the excellent and warm welcome we got on arriving coupled to a great google hangout with my fiancee and the fact our experiments don’t start for another couple of days - we have time to decompress get food for our evening meals and enjoy the area. That coupled to a general lack of me checking my work email. I know I should, i will but not yet not now not whilst i am happy and in a good mood. I will but only after i have got my slides ready and my text ready to send to the boss.

Yes i hear you I could be doing it now but that would totally ruin my buzz man. Stop whaling on my melon.

I should also point out that other than two cups of coffee the second of which i am enjoying as i type,and of course cleaning my teeth, my contact with the local water has been minimal.  At this point you are allowed to ask why that matters. Well you may not know this but the continued settlement of the hippy like people here in Berkeley has meant that all the massive amount of recreational drugs taken by them are permanently stored in the water table. The acid and pot soaked hippy water of Berkeley, CA therefore has this magically property to like chill you out man - saying that it has not yet allowed for sufficient chill factor for me so the result is pretty much going to look like someone has removed all my bones. I’ll be so chilled i’ll practically be dead. Don’t fret though beamtime stress balances this right out.

Ok so before i sign off on this,  which if you are not aware, multi-part mini series of Berkeley blog and like stuff, i need to voice my annoyance at what appears to be a lot of people bitching at the fact there is a hose-pipe ban in the south of the uk and it is also raining. O`FFS are you f@#king kidding me. So you have rain but if you don’t understand the difference between rain, the water table, reservoirs and your hose-pipe well you should not be allowed to tweet. In fact you should consider yourself to be at the same level in society as those people who publicly tweeted “wow Titanic was real, i did not know that” and meant it. You such celebrities as Chris Evans, my favourite ginger, and Robert Llyweynnnnnnnnnffffff (its ok he is welsh and they use 1 f for v to fs fo f and many for any other sound that requires a fchrrhhhhhlllllloch noise in it) who was becoming my new favourite green warrior and general erm, energy and car person. Shame on you both. Next you’ll be saying that because we can’t see the sun at night it no longer exists. So what that the uk is crap at water management,especially in the south. Or that in a rational world you’d expect investment in storage, processing and recycling of resources. We live in the uk who currently is allowing large petroleum companies to pump gas under the East coast sea area of the uk,near Hull, for storage. The same type of geologically which would also work to store CO2 you know the thing which we need to start to capture and store. Shit if only there was some large coal fired power stations not more than 50 miles away from area which could have their flu gas stored there - shit wait there is.