It  is  very early in the morning here. Of course my body clock won’t let me sleep and hasn’t done so for about 2 hours now. I just thought I would do a quick update not a proper blog entry before jumping into the shower. But now i am writing it i really cant be bothered. Mainly because i am being challenged by the rubbish google typing keypad hell again. Anyhow that should not detract from the great welcome i got on arriving here at the Berkeley Lab guest house. In fact not me but the entire team are pretty impressed. Thinking about how often we have all stayed at DLS we are never remembered and welcomed in the way we are here at ALS. SUPERB as the great Woootang would say - that is a very very inside joke.

Ok shower calls and then major dickenson coffee and 2 hours of waiting for the rest to meet at 09:30.