Something very odd happened on this beamtime. I don’t think I can remember it happening to me before but well I slept-in. And I went to bed straight after we had our classic super omelette evening meal. So what does this mean? Well very little other than I was tired and having an excellent dream involving goodies and baddies firing rockets and bombs at each other. Culminating with one crashing through the back door of my parents house where I grabbed the unexploded rocket head (which was plastic for some reason) ran out side and threw it over the neighbours wall. I don’t know it was exciting but odd.

So what else has being going on? In my world? My dad has had his or is having his birthday today. Unfortuantely for him he is driving my car which went into the garage to get repaired about. Unfortunate as he had to collect said car from the garage and the garage is not where my dad lives so on his birthday he has had to catch a train. BUT of course living in the United GreatNESS of Britain there are no running trains on a Saturday from little town train station to big city.

In short he has not had a very good birthday so far I think. But saying that the reason this is all happening is because en-route to the garage yesterday in his lift he was rung and told that the car had a “broken” window and that he would not be able to collect it yesterday.

This is a bit confusing you see as it was in to get a broken window repaired but after speaking to my dad just now it would appear that well it was a different window that was broken and after talking to my fiancée it would appear by broken they mean smashed and I can only at this point conclude that someone put the window through whilst it was parked at the garage waiting to be collected.

Rule fucking Britannia. Can’t wait to get to China.