This is an über short post today. Well that is the problem what day should I blog on? I mean I should have some structure for this shouldn’t I? The whole random wheneverness of blogging sort of kills the whole audience expectation. Saying that the whole scheduling component will remove the spontaneousness and therefore humour. Decision, decisions what shall I do?

Well the answer is this. Blog on a Sunday morning post on a Wednesday. OK? No? I can’t hear you so I don’t actually care what you say. O’erm arse I can because I’ve turned comments on. Hmmmmm ok I don’t actually care what you say is probably more correct then. Well I say don’t care I do, I really, really do - honest.

So today is not Sunday or Wednesday but when you read it it erm will be Wednesday so I’ve already broken the system. Perhaps we can erm pretend it is Sunday? I know I will find an old episode of Highway on the internet and watch Harry Secombe sing on it. No, no, no I won’t do that I will watch country file on iplayer - HA I win.

It is snowing outside - do you care? Yes because I may go for a walk and fall and die so that is a good reason to care isn’t it. You’re saying fall and die really? Yes this is England and we have salt and grit spreading but since the snow appeared overnight it will have caught everyone by surprise. Well not everyone the weather people will have probably known about it for along time now. But they don’t count as they only post on the internet, on twitter and directly to the local authorities. So where was I? Arrrh yes snow. So looking at the relatively high number of footprints and low amount of not snow erm area I would say not gritted. So that is why I will most likely slip and die and be all killed to death by snow. For the record NOT John or Peter Snow or Snowy the dog from TinTin. OK?

Indeed this is a perfect time to tell you about my walk. In fact that would make a podcast at some point - perhaps tomorrow? The whole going for a walk everyday of about 2 miles is a nice idea to me. The area here is very flat and it uses very little actual belly fat but it does get me out the house something that would not happen since I am out of work otherwise. So the walk is good, yes, repeat after to me the walk is good - even if it is raining. But then we come to the problem of the bridge. Basically there is a bridge, well no there are two bridges near the BBC and the Lowry but only one at the erm, other end. I say other end it is obviously not but I mean other end of my walk. And that bridge has a steps only on one side. Now you are thinking yeah so what? No I mean not front and back I mean left and right side I mean steps on this side but none on the other. In other words it is a bridge you can climb up on walk over the water but then you can’t back down to the water on. You can but it involves a walk next to the main road then another walk through a deserted car park and then you get back to where you started but on the other side of the water. Plus of the two walks they are about the same length minus the width of the water and therefore in opposite directions. Very frustrating walking backwards to go forwards now isn’t it?

Plus this wasn’t very short or particular easy to read at all.