On Wednesday (time travel means I can’t say which Wednesday as it may or may not have happened yet) @abelandcole sent me a lovely clove of garlic as a free thank you in my weekly vegetable box. Now for those of you who don’t know what Abel and Cole is/are I will quickly explain. Ok? Abel and Cole are a erm website thing with a phone erm gosh that isn’t right no they are like totally groovy people who are into locally sourced food from farmers that is or maybe sometimes depending on your order organic. Hmmm what does their website say? OK it says they are 20 year old fruit and vegetable pickers from Hungary - erm no that is not right wasn’t that the Archers? Ok scrap me trying to explain Abel and Cole and instead let me tell you what they do. OK?

Abel and Cole magically make a box of fruit and veg (fair trade organic lovely magic) appear outside my door every Wednesday. I think a nice man called Darren brings them but I’ve never actually met him unless Darren can be a ‘ladies’ name then erm her. But in any rate it is rather nice to get fresh fruit and veg for less than £15 with delivery every week. I always make a super pasta meal with their lovely Mr Organic Chilli Arrabiata Pasta Sauce or Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce (Basilico) or Tomato, Olive & Caper Pasta Sauce (Puttanesca). That reminds me time to update my order. That is another thing they have lists - no wait good lists well “likes” and “dislikes” lists  so you get in your box what you like and they remove and replace things you don’t like - MARVELOUS. It is also automatically done so just get your additional items in your order before 19:30 on Monday and they will arrive on Wednesday. If you’ve got nothing to change then your weekly shop will arrive as normal. It is like the milkman used to be all those years ago but with vegetables and erm meat and milk and eggs and pasta and erm lots of stuff.

20130320_071802.resized 20130313_075858.resized

Ok so that is Abel and Cole described I think? Go to their website if you are not convinced and if you are then you’ve stopped reading this and already gone to their website and may even be buying things for Darren to deliver right now!

So Abel and Cole being so very nice “occasionally” give you a “free thing” which to date this year for me have included: a lemon, a milk, a eggs, a box of fruit and veg. and a clove of garlic. And this is where the story begins and I will explain the GELT - sorry for making you read all the way to here to find this out but well (waffle).

What do I do with a clove of garlic? I forgot to update my order to get pasta sauce and so I need to think of something else. Fried garlic is lovely, sweet and rich and brilliant and seeing as I am on my own I can eat that whenever I want. The weekends are also my egg butty treat day so I combined the two and the following is how - with pictures no less.

First start by cutting up your two garlic segments. Hangon is a clove the whole thing. No that is a bulb - nuts - I meant bulb of free garlic and use two cloves. Actually don’t use two unless you love garlic and well have no one to complain about it.

20130330_104140.resized 20130330_104148.resizedLook at the picture before and after of garlic being all cut up. Yes I have decided to put a big picture of cut up garlic and the nice green chopping board and yes the Joseph Joseph knife that the nice people at Joseph Joseph replaced for free after the original one snapped whilst cutting up a green pepper.

20130330_104304.resized Cutting garlic up always reminds me of the film The “Goodfellas” and the scene in the prison where Pauli slices the garlic so thin it melts in the pan (I can’t do that). What you don’t know what I am on about? Watch this:


Ok welcome back great stuff being a “wiseguy”. Where was I ok so the garlic is cut now you chuck that in the pan with the olive oil and fry it a little. You want the whole garlic oil infusion thing to happen but you also want it to go slightly sweet and crisp on the outside.

20130330_104450.resized20130330_104553.resizedNext of course in goes the eggs. Ignore the one on the right I was rushing - you know taking pictures on your phone whilst cooking eggs is not that easy.


Next your tomatoes you want them to mix with the runny white and of course chuck on lots of black pepper and salt on the yolk and the tomatoes.

Now put a tiny lid on things. I do this to make the eggs cook nice and to speed things up. When I was younger I would flip the oil from the egg of the pan over the eggs to do this but now I don’t. And with this picture you can see why….

20130330_104906.resized 20130330_104957.resized

By having the pan lid I reduce the splashing, smell and spray and importantly I can wilt and warm my lettuce leaves so they are not all cold and the like.

Then comes the bread. I use to buy a lovely sliced Devon loaf from Booths (I think) but they changed supplier or recipe or something and it went from being like a lovely big French loaf inside to being like something else and I didn’t like it. So I switched to a wholemeal loaf instead. Now I toast two slices back to back so the insides of the loaf stay all soft - this gives me hot toasty, steamy and soft bread in one shot. It is also cool because you get a mixture of textures when you bite through it. I like the soft on the inside so I lay the toast down put the wilted lettuce leaves on and then serve up the eggs and tomatoes.

20130330_105013.resized20130330_105043.resizedYes I know I over cooked the eggs that is because I was pratting about with the pictures. I also let the toast go a little cool as well. If you time it correctly toast and eggs cook at the time rate and both come out piping hot and soft (a little bit runny with the yolks).


Well all is left is to enjoy with a steaming pot of coffee or tea and to stare out the window whilst eating them.



Job done.

Oooooooo I nearly forgot and whilst eating you can listen to SuperMarket-Matters on your electronic listening thing - it is like Radio 4 comedy but without the Radio 4 bit. I guess that makes it comedy then.