So people read my recent post about the how brilliant the Beijing Science Festival 2013 was. I got a few bits of feedback some of which was rather amusing and to be taken “tong in cheek” and some useful information so I thought I would share it with you. Don’t worry I will be posting a proper blog post as well.


  1. It looks like someone has airbrushed your head into some of the pictures - where you really there? Now this is a good question and I’m not really certain if I actually was.

  2. Someone also pointed out the language of the opening sections was a bit clunky and that I must try harder! They also pointed out that I needed a haircut.

  3. From David - he was aware of the “elephant toothpaste” demonstration but that it was not something you really want to do with limited space and a close proximity audience.

  4. Importantly the names of the “blokes” in no particular order are: Zhao Jingwen, Lele and last but not least Ningbo.

I think I had more fun reading the feedback I got than I did writing the actual post.

Thanks to everyone who got in touch and definitely thanks to everyone involved - you are all great.