1. What are the most important themes you have learned this week?

Future projections - looking backwards to check the model then looking forwards using the model. It was really nice to see the use of computational methods being explored in this way. Likewise seeing how some methods are calibrated and checked.

2. What aspect of this week did you find difficult?

Not certain I did.

3.  What did you find most interesting? And why?

I think I liked seeing the activities of the metoffice being shown. It is often just seen as the place that provides information about the weather and forgotten about the cutting edge climate research and modelling they develop.

4. Was there something that you learned this week that prompted you to do your own research?


5. Are there any web sites or other online resource that you found particularly useful in furthering your knowledge and understanding?

Back in the late 90s I was all about the SETI which lead on to BIONIC and the cure for cancer. More recently these tools have been retrained towards modelling climate change. Only eight months ago I went in search of some BIONIC climate projects only to find that they had either produced windows only code or worse still they had folded and shutdown. It was nice to see in this weeks course that some have survived.