Future lean questions from week 6. Week 6 was about Impacts on human systems and including topics on how buildings and food production contribute to climate change, how they are impacted by climate change and the general what will be the future.

1. What are the most important themes you have learned this week?

Honestly, nothing really. I was well aware of the implications of buildings and their carbon footprints. I think it was sad that the cement footprint was not explored in a little more detail. I also thought it that it was a little sad that the idea of vertical farming and hydroponics was just discarded out of hand by the end of week review video. Clearly the people making and answering the questions have not spent any time in any Asian cities where building changes happen quickly often new buildings going up in the course of a year replacing “older buildings” some of which are still quite “new”.

It was interesting that there was talk about building design and efficiency and yet when concepts such as vertical farms were raised it just was randomly replaced by discussion about mushroom production from tea bags.

2. What aspect of this week did you find difficult?

Nothing really.

3. What did you find most interesting? And why?

Nothing really. Like I’ve said above most of themes for this week I was aware of. I was interested to note that in terms of food production there was also no mention of fertilisers and their use, the consequences of production and supply of fertilisers in terms of the foot print of the food stuffs.

4. Was there something that you learned this week that prompted you to do your own research?

No, sorry.

5. Are there any web sites or other online resource that you found particularly useful in furthering your knowledge and understanding?

Not really it was the standard stream of sources.